Your Donations Change People's Lives

Each of our healthcare centers have benefitted from the generosity of donors like you. Here are a few of their stories:

patioA Patio Where Residents and Families Relax

Hickory Creek at Winamac has a patio donated by Zinny Jones on behalf of his mother, Fannie Jones, who was a resident at the home. The patio allows our residents to get out in the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful flower gardens planted by family members, and sunbathe if they choose. The patio is completely enclosed to ensure resident safety while allowing them freedom to venture out. The patio area was recently enhanced by another resident’s family member when Paul Bonnell, son of Annabelle, made flower boxes to cover the length of the porch so his mother could plant and maintain flowers, just as she did at home.

A Fish Pond for Viewing and Relaxation

Hickory Creek at Madison received a donation of a new fish pond from Mr. Frank Heveline’s family.  Mr. Heveline’s family knew how much he loved to sit outside and watch the fish.  With their donation of time and money they worked to create a new fish pond that can be enjoyed by Mr. Heveline as well as the residents.

Aviary birdsAn Aviary that Brings Joy to Residents and Visitors

Hickory Creek at Rochester received a grant from the Fulton County Community Foundation to purchase an aviary for the front lobby. It has brought countless hours of joy and entertainment to our residents, staff, families and visitors. The birds must be happy too as they have produced seven new baby birds.

A Gazebo for Residents to Enjoy

A beautiful gazebo at Hickory Creek at Madison was donated in memory of Mildred Wallace a resident of the home.  Mrs. Wallace’s family wanted to donate the gazebo so that Millie could sit outside with her family and enjoy the lake. Mildred’s family wanted her to be remembered in a positive light for years to come.