man with dogOur Safety Regulations

Prepared to keep our residents safe

We have been entrusted with the care of family and friends and we take their safety seriously. Each home has emergency plans and procedures for fire, severe weather, and power outages. Our Quality Assurance/Standards of Care Committee meets annually to review these policies and procedures. Each plan includes:

  • Evacuation plans and transportation to a safe location
  • Family notification
  • Emergency supplies
  • Safeguarding of residents’ personal items
  • Security of medical records and resident fund records
  • Staff training & drills

Each healthcare center has an emergency electrical power system that provides basic lighting; fire detection/extinguishing equipment; and life support systems if there is any interruption of normal electrical supply.

Guarding Each Individual

Strict measures are taken to avoid a situation where a resident with impaired safety judgment could go missing. Starting with admission, each resident is assessed quarterly for conditions that may increase the likelihood of trying to leave our center. Safeguards in place at each center include:

  • Alarm systems on at all times and only disabled while an exit is under visual supervision by a staff member.
  • In the case of a high risk resident, and after discussion with the family, the healthcare center may use a personal alarm.
  • A sign-out procedure for when a resident leaves the healthcare center and its grounds.