gazeboAddressing Concerns Promptly

Our staff is always focused on offering the best possible care to each resident. From time to time, concerns among residents or family members arise. When that happens, we take action promptly. Our Family Council and Resident Council are two ways that we stay on top of needs and issues in each healthcare center.

Family Council

Each healthcare center has a Family Council consisting of family members who meet quarterly to discuss topics of concern and/or interest. The Social Services Director of the home publicly announces meeting times and dates, takes minutes, and arranges for presentations and speakers, as requested. If the Family Council chooses, it may meet without a staff member present and with a council member recording the minutes. If any issues are discussed that involve complaints or concerns, the Family Council completes a form that is passed on to the Administrator for resolution.

Resident Council

A Resident Council is a group of interested residents who get together at any time in a private meeting area to discuss facility issues. The Resident Council may choose to invite staff members to participate and may request that the Activity Director take minutes. If the Resident Council meeting results in any complaints or concerns, they are forwarded to the Administrator who has the appropriate Department Manager handle them with written follow-up at the next meeting.

Grievance Resolution

We want to ensure that any complaints or concerns are thoroughly investigated and resolved. If a resident or the resident’s family has any reason to be dissatisfied, we want to know immediately.

The fastest way to receive resolution is to use our Resident/Family Concern Form to notify the home’s administration.

Download the form, complete the top half with all contact information and return it by mail, fax or in person at the facility. Resident/Family Concern Form

Or visit the facility and ask for a Resident/Family Concern form at the nurse’s station or social services office.

Administrators are notified immediately when a Concern Form is filed. Each concern is thoroughly investigated and all follow-up will be documented on the form including advice on the resolution of the problem. The family and/or resident will hear back from administration within 48 hours.

Grievance Hotline

While we recommend contacting the Administrator first for faster resolution, a resident or family member may prefer to report the grievance by phone. If so, please call our Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation compliance hotline at 1-888-467-5682. You will be asked to leave your name and telephone number, along with a summary of your concern. A Hickory Creek compliance representative will return your call within three business days.

Report a Grievance in Writing

Please address your letter to: Compliance Officer, Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 50363, Indianapolis, IN 46250.

Fraud and Abuse Reporting

If anyone sees or knows of violations of Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation’s Standards of Conduct policies, a report should be made immediately to our Hickory Creek compliance hotline at 1-888-467-5682 or by writing to Compliance Officer, Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 50363, Indianapolis, IN 46250. All reports will be treated as confidential.

If you would like to see our Standards of Conduct, please request a copy from the Administrator or Social Services Coordinator at the home nearest you.