Employee with elderly womanHow to Choose a Healthcare Center

Finding the best fit for your loved ones
You want the best care for your loved one but how do you know you are making the right choice? Review our checklist to help you consider the many different things that go into long-term, skilled nursing care.

  • Cleanliness
  • Quality
  • Rooms
  • Safety
  • Respect & Dignity
  • Social Programs
  • Meals
  • Licenses & Certifications
  • Medical Care
  • Payment Options


  • Does the home smell fresh?
  • Are the common areas and resident rooms clean?
  • Do the residents look clean and well cared for?
  • Does the kitchen look sanitary with food appropriately stored?


  • What is the most recent State Quality Report?
  • What are the facility’s Quality Initiatives?
  • Have you compared using the medicare.gov comparison tool?


  • Are the resident rooms and common areas bright and cheerful?
  • Do the rooms allow for personal privacy?
  • Does the dining room look open and pleasant with room for wheelchairs?
  • What items may a resident bring and what is not allowed?


  • Does the center have policies and technology in place to allow the monitoring of all residents?
  • What are the center’s emergency plans for situations such as fire, severe weather, or other potential crises?
  • Are bathrooms equipped with grab bars?
  • Does the center have an emergency call system?

Respect & Dignity

  • Does the center train staff to treat residents with respect and dignity at all times?
  • What are the center’s “Residents’ Rights” and “Quality of Life” policies and procedures?

Social Programs

  • What does the center do to entertain its residents and keep them socialized and active?
  • Does the center encourage outside groups to visit?


  • Does the center use its own in-house, licensed Dietitian or have access to a licensed Dietitian?
  • Does a licensed Dietitian approve all menus?
  • What arrangements are made for residents with special dietary needs?

Licenses & Certifications

  • Does the center meet State operating requirements and have a valid license?
  • Is the center certified by Medicare and Medicaid to accept Medicare/Medicaid patients?
  • Are the Administrators fully licensed Long-Term Care Administrators?

Medical Care

  • Is an emergency physician available?
  • What sort of access is allowed for a personal physician?
  • Which hospital would the resident be transferred to in the event of an emergency?
  • Does the home set up a resident care plan upon admission?

Payment Options

  • Do you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid?
  • Have you looked at your private insurance options?
  • Review our Payment Options page for more.
Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation is proud of the quality of each of our long-term nursing centers. We invite you to learn more about the things that make our homes special.