Hickory Creek has been diligently working to protect our residents and your loved ones from COVID-19. 
We have put the following measures in place:

  • We have restricted visitation as of March 11, 2020. We are pleased to report that this strategy was effective in preventing the virus from entering our homes in its early stages.
  • We are screening and checking temperatures of every person who enters the facility – entrance is limited to essential providers only and they are also screened.
  • We are checking every resident’s temperature and vitals on every shift to ensure no onset of symptoms.
  • We have canceled communal dining and rehabilitation gym use and reduced unnecessary traffic within our home.
  • Any employee working in a different facility with a positive or presumptive case of COVID-19 is not permitted to enter our home.
  • We are monitoring other facilities with outbreaks to ensure we do not share any staff with those facilities. Shared staff will be placed on a 14-day quarantine upon notification of exposure.
  • We are cleaning and disinfecting our facility with EPA approved disinfectants that are certified as effective on coronaviruses.
  • We are preventatively requiring all staff and providers to wear masks at all times when in the facility.
  • We have ordered copious amounts of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our staff in case of a potential positive case.
  • We have canceled all non-essential appointments and consultants to reduce possible exposure.
  • We are staying up to date with CDC, ISDH, CMS, and other industry sources to ensure we are ahead of best practices and recommendations.

Additionally, we are happy to report that we are fully staffed, with minimal absenteeism, and the mood in our homes is peaceful, quiet, and hopeful. Of course, we understand that the situation is dynamic and may change at any moment; however, we are as prepared as we can possibly be, and will address any possible changes by following our protocols, policies, and procedures and by working with the local and state authorities as required.

Your trust in our care means the world to us, and we do not take our responsibility lightly. You are welcome to contact us by phone at any time with questions or concerns. For more information regarding COVID-19 please visit the CDC or ISDH webpage.